The award-winning Barracuda FX suite of Order Management Systems have been the clear market leader for many years. The range consists of the flagship and unrivalled market leader, Barracuda FX OMS; the innovative, game-changing OMSCloud; and the unique Order Hub service which compliments and connects both products. Barracuda OMS The market leading FX OMS, offering all features to manage the complete range of orders. Spot, forwards and NDFs, Limits, fixings and algos. Single and multi-leg. Voice and eCommerce channels. Fully configurable, elegant interface and workflow controls, within a modern, secure, transparent and audited container. Barracuda OMSCloud  Offering many of the class-leading features found in Barracuda OMS, in an easy-to-adopt, SaaS-based model. Hosted by Barracuda, with rates feed and back office STP included. Supports single and multi-leg spot orders, voice and eCommerce channels. OMSCloud allows Banks with lower order volume to manage them in line with the same best practices as the largest global Banks. Order Hub An electronic order passing network unique to Barracuda client banks. It supports existing bilateral Bank trading relationships. Outsource or insource orders based on currency pair specialisation, time zone or instrument type. Market risk management embedded with your OMS for the complete solution.

Order Management System

A comprehensive, yet flexible suite of class leading FX OMS tools. Manage the full range of FX orders regardless of channel and complexity within a single, intuitive container.  Fully configurable to your business it brings order and simplicity to the process whilst managing risk, security, audit, visibility control and regulatory compliance.


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Many Banks want to upgrade key parts of their eFX infrastructure, but are put off by long and costly implementation projects. This concern is often based on past experience of technology implementation projects. Barracuda OMS deployment is different. Owing to a combination of elegant product design, technical common sense, proven processes and an expert team, typical implementation time is 60-90 business days. Thus Banks can proceed without major IT disruption, moving towards real business benefits in rapid time.

Connectivity & Integration

A major component of FX market complexity is the fragmentation of venues and channels. This provides huge challenges to consistency of service, management of risk and operational cost. Barracuda FX provides seamless, out-of-the-box solutions to these challenges with a set of standard interfaces and adaptors to connect your OMS to whatever order sources, internal systems and execution points that the Bank requires. From standard FIX-based APIs, to all common multi-bank portals, to customisable adaptors to your single bank platform or specific client end point – Barracuda has the answer.