OMS Cloud

First class OMS tools for every Bank that has or wants to have an order service. The same intuitive Barracuda user interface with all of the essential features. Packaged in an easy-to-adopt SaaS model, Cloud clients can be live in days. Used with Order Hub to manage market risk, OMSCloud is a complete, new and unique solution for all FX Banks.


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Barracuda developed the OMSCloud product specifically to make access to and adoption of first class OMS tools as easy as possible for all Banks – regardless of technical capacity, resources and budgets. Our successful delivery of OMSCloud  – including embedded rates feed and STP to back office – means that Banks can be live using the product within a matter of days of signing. There is even a free and immediately available trial system for banks to use prior to commitment.

Connectivity & Integration

A major component of FX market complexity is the fragmentation of venues and channels. This provides huge challenges to consistency of service, management of risk and operational cost. Barracuda’s OMSCloud solution connects seamlessly to whatever order sources, internal systems and execution points that the Bank requires through a set of standard interfaces and adaptors. From FIX-based APIs, to all common multi-bank portals, to customisable adaptors to your single bank platform or specific client end point – Barracuda has the answer.