FX Week: Technology spend will drive innovation in FX

Barracuda FX’s CEO Kieran Fitzpatrick talks with FX Week about what to expect for 2019. Full article in the link below.


Barracuda FX: Technology spend will drive innovation in FX

A lot of technology spend in 2019 will focus on upgrading outdated processes, increasingly driven by the FX Global Code’s principles.

While much of the investment in technology in recent years has focused on meeting regulatory requirements, spending in 2019 will focus on technology to drive forward efficiency, improve decision-making and drive trading profits, says Kieran Fitzpatrick, chief executive officer at Barracuda FX.    

While Fitzpatrick believes the prospects for artificial intelligence to drive real decision-making are good because of the increasing wealth of available data, much of the technology spend this year will undoubtedly focus on improving efficiency and upgrading outdated processes.

Full article: https://www.fxweek.com/technology/algorithmic-trading/3959176/barracuda-fx-technology-spend-will-drive-innovation-in-fx

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