Who We Are

Barracuda FX is a global market leader in end-to-end eFX trading and order management systems. The company was rebranded in 2021 and comprises the former Barracuda FX specialist FX OMS business, along with the FX operations of Broadway Technology. Operating out of several worldwide offices—from Wellington, NZ to Waterloo, Canada—the company has a combined 30+ years of experience, 100+ FX technology staff, and 25+ of the world’s leading FX banks as clients.

Solutions Overview

Barracuda FX offers market-leading products across the front office for banks, brokers, and other financial institutions trading in FX.

Trading and execution products provide access to bank liquidity providers, as well as interbank ECNs such as Reuters and EBS.  Pricing and distribution solutions allow for rules-based price construction, distribution through bilateral FIX gateways, and multi-dealer platforms.

Barracuda FX’s market leading product—OMS—offers a variety of configuration and modular options in providing order management solutions to clients. Order Hub allows you to send and receive Limit, Benchmark, and Algo orders to and from other banks within the Barracuda network.