Product Overview
With Barracuda FX product suite you can Improve your revenues significantly, while at the same time increase your margins through more efficient management of your FX flow.

Our innovative technology allows clients increase trading revenue, lower costs and maximise profitability, with complete control and confidence. Addressing the challenges of today’s marketplace, it offers our clients

  • a truly Open platform, integrating with and aggregating across
    • buy-side OMS, proprietary platforms, portals, and ECNS
    • liquidity providers
  • unique holistic view of Aggregated Demand (Order flow) with Supply (Liquidity).
  • best in class distributed architecture with unparalleled availability (24×7 HA), scalability (millions of active orders) and performance
  • market leading ease of use and intuitive dashboard-based visualisation
  • flexible commercial model with both license and SaaS business models