Order Management
Capturing order flow across the full range of distribution channels, aggregate order flow and netting of orders internally, integrating with key FX trading process components and supporting a wide range of order types.

Barracuda FX Global Order Management System Provides

  • Full order lifecycle/workflow
  • Integration with Credit / Margin limit systems
  • Flexible rules engine to control manual and auto-fill strategies
  • Auto-execution of orders against available liquidity
  • Full STP to bank’s middle/back-office
  • Complete Audit Trail


Supported Order Types

  • Market
  • Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • Call
  • Benchmark
  • If Done
  • One Cancel Other (OCO)
  • On Timeout
  • If Done OCO
  • Complex Multi-leg Strategies
    (including across Currency Pairs)
  • Loop
  • Trailing Stops
  • Partial Fills
  • Gamma
  • FX Instruments
    • Spot
    • Forward Outright
    • Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)
    • Swap
    • Single Spot Portfolio
  • Order Activation can be
    • Good From specific date [and time]
    • Good until Cancel (GTC)
    • Good Until specific date [and time]
    • With the ability to specify defined periods e.g. NY Close, EOD
  • Order States
    • Saved or Pending
    • Live
    • Cancelled
    • Lapsed

Global Order Book

Designed for the most demanding and complex banking group structures, the OMS facilitates a full 24×7 follow-the-sun model.  Orders may be quickly and easily passed between branches / locations in a fully flexible fashion.  The bank may enforce rules to govern book passing and acceptance.

Intuitive User Experience

Designed in conjunction with traders and sales staff, the Barracuda OMS is extremely fast, easy to use and intuitive.

  • The primary real-time Order Ladders and Blotters are fully customisable – columns, display order, order temperature, aggregation
  • Unique Filter definition and management
  • Unique Visualisation of order books help identify order distribution and key support/resistance levels


The OMS facilitates full Auto Execution of orders based on fully configurable and customisable rules.  The ability to comfortably set thresholds with complete confidence allows traders to automate the fill/execution of orders based on numerous factors including;

  • Client
  • Currency / Currency Pair
  • Order Size
  • Order Type
  • Time of Day

Panic controls allow for immediate override of automation rules as required.

STP & Integration

Captures order flow across all venues

  • Barracuda’s own thin-client
  • proprietary single bank platforms
  • ECNs & Portals
  • buy-side OMS
  • Algorithmic clients (direct API)

For Clients, Sales (On Behalf Of) and Traders; with customisable Notification via the application, email and SMS

Integrates with

  • Price/Rate/Liquidity Engine
    • Sourcing via FIX / RMDS
    • With liquidity landscape / depth
    • Bi-directional feedback loop
      (Open Interest in Order Book)
  • Credit / Margin systems
    • Configurable – On Entry/Fill
  • Middle/back office risk and position systems for full STP